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Acne Product Franchise – There is n number of anti-acne creams on the market. But if you want to start a business with one of the leading brands offering the herbal and safe cosmetic range in India. Then Zocveda Wellness is the answer. Here at Zocveda Wellness, we have a premium quality herbal range of anti-acne products. So, grab this fantastic chance to be a part of India’s Best Acne Product Franchise

Zocveda Wellness mainly deals in PCD franchise business opportunities across the country at a very genuine investment. Our company totally understands the need of our customers and comes with a unique organic yet effective anti-acne range. That we also work on improving the effectiveness over the years. So, our every anti-acne range is made from advanced and improvised formulations. That’s why Zocveda’s herbal range for acne is highly appreciated and gets positive feedback from our customers. 

At last, if you are interested in this amazing business opportunity, then feel free to reach out to Zocveda Wellness either by calling us at 9815620908 or by sending us a mail at

Acne & its factors | An Overview

One of the most common skin/derma conditions that everyone suffered in their respective lifetime. Even though it is quite common but it can be turned into a serious problem. Acne can be simply described as skin pores filled with dirt and dead skin cells. However, there are many causing factors of acne. Also, acne looks like inflammation and redness filled with pus sometimes. The most common skin-prone areas are the chest, back, face, neck, and arms. 

Different kinds of acne – 

  1. Whiteheads and blackheads
  2. Small red bumps
  3. Pimples
  4. Painful lumps
  5. Painful pus-filled lumps 

Now, let’s take a look into the some major causing factors of acne – 

  1. Increased oil products in the body lead to acne.
  2. Clogging in the hair follicles and trapping dead skin cells, dirt, and oil
  3. Excessive androgen production 
  4. And bacterial growth in the dermal layer of the skin

Acne Market In India | A Brief

The Indian market is the most dominating market at the global level. The acne market is expected to grow with a compound average growth rate of approximately 8%. So, the market value will reach up to USD164 million by the end of 2026. Also, as per the reports, people aged 20 to 29 suffered more from acne than the rest of the age groups. 

As you all are familiar with the fact that India’s more than 50% of the population is under the age of 25. And India is generally referred to as the youngest populated nation. So, this is quite clear that there is a large scope of business in Anti acne Product franchise in India. 

Anti Acne Range Available At Zocveda Wellness

  1. Acno-Z FacewashA great cleanser, and treats acne. It is made from tea tree oil, tulsi, aloevera, neem, etc. 
  2. Acno-Z Soap –  It has aloevera, jyotismati, usira, etc. 
  3. Fairglo Facewash – Made from the goodness of orange, neem, tulsi, etc. It is an excellent cleanser and has anti-bacterial, and antioxidant, properties.
  4. Fairglo Fairness Cream – For treating skin pigmentation, blemishing and it hydrates the skin. 
  5. Fairglo Soap It has almond oil, tulsi, neem, etc. for young and radiant skin. 
  6. Skinfyn – For purifying blood and treating skin infections 
  7. Skinfyn Cream Anti-acne cream having tulsi, Haridra, methi, etc. 
  8. Skinfyn Face CreamAn antiseptic and microbial face cream made from Haridra, kumkuma, methi, fuller’s earth, etc. 
  9. Skinfyn Face Pack For treating hyperpigmentation and improving complexion. 

Top Acne Product Franchise Company In India – Advance Ayurveda

Zocveda Wellness is the top leading acne product franchise company offering premium quality anti-acne products made from selected raw materials. The entire product has DCGI and FSSAI  certified. To avail of the amazing business opportunity, all you need is a Drug license and GST no. Also, the investment required is quite minimal investment. 

At last, hope you get all the information about the acne product franchise business opportunity. Feel free to reach out to Zocveda Wellness on the following details for more information. 

Contact Details

  • Company Name Zocveda Wellness
  • Registered Address – Plot No. 194, Industrial Area Sector 82, Mohali, Punjab, India 160082
  • Phone Number – +91 98156 20908
  • Email Id. –

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question – What exactly is acne?

Answer –  It is a dermal condition where the hair follicles get clogged with oil and dead skin cells. 

Question – Which is the best herbal and organic anti-acne product on the market?

Answer – Anti-acne range by Zocveda Wellness is totally safe, organic, and herbal. You can purchase it online as well as offline.

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