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Allergy Products Franchise – Allergies are quite common these days. Most of the patients suffered seasonal allergies and food allergies, most commonly from peanuts, gluten, etc. But there is a broad symptom of allergic reaction. To fill up the demand and supply gaps, Zocveda Wellness is offering a highly profitable Allergy Products Franchise. 

Did you know? The CAGR (Compound growth rate) is 9.8% for anti-allergy medicines in India. The current market value of over 100 million. Also, the demand is directly linked to many factors like pollution, immune response, hereditary, population, etc. 

However, Zocveda Wellness is the leading ayurvedic company in India that mainly deals in the herbal PCD Pharma franchise at a very minimal investment. So, if you want to join the most progressive herbal anti-allergy products franchise company. Then reach out to Zocveda Wellness either by calling us at 9815620908 or by sending us a mail at

Anti-Allergy Products Available At Zocveda Wellness 

  1. BRETH-EZY It contains dashmool, mishri, giloe, dalchini, kushta, tulsi, etc. This herbal syrup is used in case of severe cough, asthma, chronic bronchitis, and respiratory allergies. Also, it comes in both syrup and capsules form in the market. 
  2. COFSET Syrup This syrup is made from 100% natural active ingredients. It is made from fortified with tulsi, mulethi, and vasaka. It helps in reducing mucosal irritation and bronchospasms. COFSET Syrup is best for treating dry cough.
  3. ITCHCALM Skin LotionIt has aloevera, daruhaldi, guduchi, pittapapra, vavidanga, etc. Best used in acute allergic, chronic dermatitis, and reduce hyperpigmentation. Also, beneficial in treating skin infections such as urticaria, ringworms, etc. 
  4. SAGITUSA honey-based cough syrup made from tulsi, bahera, zuffa, kaiphal, kapoor, kantkari, lasuda, etc. Best use in case of allergic and seasonal cough, smokers cough, COPD, and dry cough. 
  5. SKINFYN Made from giloe, amla, kutki, khadir, babool, chirayta, etc. This blood purifier is used in treating acne and fighting skin infections. This product has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. 
  6. SKINFYN – A face pack having haldi kesar and Chandan. It helps in hyperpigmentation and improving complexion. 


Be A Part of the Most Profitable Anti-Allergy Products Franchise Company In India – Zocveda Wellness!

Zocveda Wellness is the best ayurvedic company offering herbal PCD Franchise business opportunities for offering ISO-certified allergy products. Build the best and most profitable business opportunity for all the wholesalers, retailers, and distributors all across India. Now, the following is the list of perks or benefits of choosing Herbal allergy products franchise business-

  1. First of all, we have the best and most premium quality anti-allergy products.
  2. Secondly, here herbal products are made from organic and pure raw materials.
  3. There are no harmful chemicals and totally safe for your body.
  4. Also, Zocveda Wellness offers free-of-cost promotional and distribution tools.
  5. Moreover, the entire allergy medicines are available at reasonable rates.
  6. At last, enjoy monopoly rights to all the allergy products franchises. 

Lastly, hope you get all the information, even if still there any doubt. Then feel free to reach out to Zocveda Wellness on the following details. 

Contact Details

  • Company Name – Zocveda Wellness
  • Registered Address – Plot No. 194, Industrial Area Sector 82, Mohali, Punjab, India 160082
  • Phone Number – +91 98156 20908
  • Email Id. –

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question – What are the common symptoms of allergy?

Answer –  The most common symptoms are sneezing, swollen eyes or face, shortness of breath and cough, etc. 

Question – Which company offers the best anti-allergy products franchise in India?

Answer – Zocveda Wellness is the best anti-allergy products franchise in India. 

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